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summoned by a foolish magpie

2017 / Video Rob Heppell


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Lisa Marini has a unique approach to blending genres, it has been described as indie/dark folk, with elements of jazz. You might note the influences of Nick Drake, Nina Simone, Radiohead, Feist and Pink Floyd.
Having grown up in London, she first ran away from home at the age of 12 and spent large chunks of her youth moving from place to place and travelling the world on her own.
Her writing reflects her experiences and her eternal search for mental freedom, a reoccurring topic is the need for critical thinking in this uncertain climate.

Lisa’s 2014 self made EP ‘From The Bedroom Den’ was used for a documentary in New Zealand and ‘Let it Live’ was picked to go in Juke boxes around the country. She went on to do a short tour in Budapest.
In 2016 she sold out The Jazz cafe, Camden after recording a demo live on a farm in Pembrokeshire.
A limited run of the album was printed, which Lisa illustrated and sold as merchandise for that night only.

For the last couple of years Lisa and her band have been touring around the country and in 2017 were invited to open the main stage for Wilderness festival.

Following this she decided to take a year out so that she could fully immerse herself within the studio process.

Lisa Marini’s debut album ‘Born in Tribes’ will be out in the Autumn of 2019.

“I have seen Lisa Marini perform several times, at different venues, as a solo artist and with different backing musicians. The thing that is a constant is that Lisa is spell-binding and mesmerising. Her self-penned songs are achingly melodic and artfully delivered. Her oeuvre is not soul but is totally soulful, it`s not jazz but is cat-like cool, it is not country but she has global appeal.
Lisa Marini is a delight to the ears and eyes…a joy to the senses.”

 Paul Latham | LIVE NATION CEO UK & Ireland 

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