Why does not Rolex Tourbillon watch?

Rolex as one of the legendary table sector, has been a lot of friends gossip important talk, and why not Rolex Tourbillon watch this problem has been so many friends feel puzzled, for which we are today to explore this seemingly very technical level issues . replica watches uk is known for practical about almost the beginning of the last century, because the basic functions of the watch dedication and excellence in the accuracy of the watch and waterproof are doing very well, such as the Swiss Observatory annual certified by the total watch In half of the Rolex products, but also the deepest waterproof records are still maintained by Rolex and so on. In other words, for some of the watchmaking art is not very picky friends, Rolex seems to have done enough, and even possession of countless Zhong Yonglin master once said, "If you only buy a watch for a lifetime, then Rolex is the best Election "in this case. Rolex can be seen in the real senior watch experts view, the industry is difficult to be replaced by the brand, although it is not worth mentioning the complex features, not to mention the tourbillon such a top-level complex features. But this is not on behalf of the production Rolex Tourbillon's ability, but rather to Rolex's financial, material and human point of view, if you want to produce tourbillon watch is almost no difficulty to speak out, nothing more than a thought or not, Would like to question. ADVERTISEMENT The Rolex Cosmos-type Daytona series 116520-78590, commonly known as "small steel Di", self-winding movement, stainless steel, with timing function, table diameter of 40 mm, 100 meters waterproof. We know that the tourbillon is very expensive, very beautiful, of course, can also play a role in offsetting the gravity of the Earth, but there is a background of the times need to explain, many friends may know that Breguet invented the tourbillon, but Breguet Master That time there is no rolex replica , and the so-called tourbillon offset the impact of gravity on the mechanical movement of the role is also mainly for the popular pocket watch or hanging table, these tables are common features in the coat pocket or hanging in the chest, Waist, etc., which means that the position of these tables is basically fixed, so will the movement of the various parts of the force caused by travel time are not allowed, and the watch because the arm constantly shaking or swing, so different parts of the movement by the Earth gravity difference is not very obvious, in other words, Tourbillon and watch in fact, there is no direct relationship between, although on the watch is also very beautiful. In addition, the cousin in a number of articles have repeatedly stressed that, although to some extent also represents the highest level of tabulation process, but if a practical point of view, its existence is not much value, and now the So expensive, mainly because it has degenerated works of art, but also increase the top watch the value of art and economic value of the important factors. ADVERTISEMENT Tourbillon was originally designed to overcome the impact of gravity on the watch movement, the inventor is the pioneer watch Breguet, its principle is to escape the body on a frame (Carriage) within the framework around Axis is the balance wheel axis do 360-degree rotation, by constantly rotating to offset the gravity, thereby enhancing the precision of travel time. Third, the Rolex and Tourbillon really can not be together? Based on the above analysis, according to the replica watches concept of Rolex (practical) point of view, it is difficult to see in the near future production of tourbillon Rolex watch, but if one day even if Rolex is quietly introduced the tourbillon, It must also be an explosive news, because it is more familiar with the watch industry, or more familiar with the Rolex who is unprecedented. However, we are not Rolex, and the watch industry is also changing the situation Moreover, Rolex in the last century, mechanical watch industry, the most difficult times have launched a quartz movement male form, and to today's Rolex Understanding, it is unthinkable. So, although we insist on Rolex and dedication respect, but will not be stubborn to think that they know more about Rolex than Rolex, Rolex will do in the future we have to wait and see, wait and see.